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Free Laundry Winner

You were nominated for our Free Laundry Campaign for families that just need a break. We know that your time is very valuable and we know that many families can spend up to 8 hrs each week doing laundry. That’s 17 days of solid laundry each year! That is way too much of your time doing laundry. That’s where we come in.

Complete the form below and give us information about where and when to pickup your laundry. We make this as easy and simple as possible to give you the best possible service for free. 

More Information

You will receive one of our 30-40lbs. laundry bags ready for your laundry. Feel free to put as much laundry in the bag as you need. Don't worry about how much the bag weights, just enjoy knowing it will all return to you wash, folded and clean.

Clean & Simple will deliver your laundry bag on Tuesday and will schedule your pickup for Thursday. We begin pickups at 7:30am, so please have your laundry on your doorstep by this time. Once we have washed and folded your laundry, it will be returned to you the next day. We will pickup our laundry bag from you during our next pickup and delivery day Tuesday or Thursday. 

There is no obligation or expectation that you continue using Clean & Simple laundry services, only that you allow us to pickup our laundry bag at the end of your service. The primary goal with this offer is to serve families that have been nominated by others, with our laundry services. We are passionate about giving you more time and energy while we take the hassle from your laundry needs with Clean & Simple laundry services.