Giving Free Laundry

We are passionate about giving you more time and energy, while we take the hassle from your laundry needs with Clean & Simple laundry services. That's why we give one family each month free laundry, no questions asked. All you have to do is nominate a family below with their contact information, and we will do the rest. 

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How it Works 

1. Each month we will randomly draw a person or family from our list of nominated people. 

2. We will connect with that person or family with our service, offering them a week of laundry.

3. If you nominate someone, you DON"T have to purchase our service. Once the nominated person uses our service, they NEVER have to purchase our service. They simply get to enjoy the service free of charge. All we ask is that at the conclusion of the free service, the nominated customer allow us to pickup our Clean & Simple laundry bag.

4. You can nominate as many people or families as you would like. Once a nominated household uses our services, they will not be eligible again until the following year.

5. Our purpose is to give more time and energy through our laundry service. Giving others free laundry is part of our mission.