Questions & Answers




What service does Clean & Simple provide?

Clean & Simple provides wash, dry, & fold laundry services that strive to make your laundry needs simple by picking up and dropping off your laundry.

How can I sign up?

You can signup here of our home page. It only takes minutes to make the switch to a simple laundry lifestyle.

What kind of payment does Clean & Simple accept?

Clean & simple accepts all major credit/debit cards.

What happens if I want to start mid-month?

No problem. If you start September 10th your plan would go to October 10th.

What does 20, 30, 40, & 50 lbs of laundry consist of?

You can see the specs of each laundry plan here.


Pick-up & Delivery


How do I get my Clean & Simple Laundry Bag?

When you sign-up we will receive a text & our laundry bags will be delivered to your address no later than the next business day. Purchase a package by 3pm the day before pickup & we’ll get our laundry bags to you that evening so you can be a part of the next day's pickup.

When do I set out my laundry?

Members simply set out their laundry by 7:30am on laundry day at the designated pick up place they selected when they registered. We'll be by to pickup the laundry on our morning route. If you'd like we can text you when your laundry is in our possession.

Can I use the service twice in one week?

We offer one pickup per week for every member based on the day they select at sign-up. Anyone may purchase two packages if they desire. If you have additional special circumstances, you can connect with us via text, email, or chat and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Do I have to separate my lights and darks before pickup?

No, it is not necessary to separate your clothing before pickup.

Do you have "delicates" bags for undergarments?

Yes, a delicates bag is available for a small fee at checkout & can be delivered with your laundry. All you do is insert your undergarments into the mesh delicates bag & place it in your laundry bag.


Washing & Folding


What type of detergent do you use on my clothing?

Our high quality laundry detergent is a solid detergent containing the following advantages for your laundry: color safe bleach, softener, and is an enzyme based product. Enzymes work by attacking soils and breaking them into small, loose fragments. With good detergency, the soil is then flushed away from the linen and down the sewer. We have found that our detergent provides the best solution to all laundry needs.

I'd rather not have anyone folding my underwear, bras, etc.?

No worries, we get it. For this reason, we supply delicates bags available at registration for a small fee. All you do is insert your undergarments into the mesh delicates bag & place it in your laundry bag. The delicates bag will be washed & dried as a whole without contents being touched.

What happens if an item is missing?

Every piece of clothing is important. While we strive to treat laundry as if its our own family's, on rare occasion accidents do happen. Our policy on loss or damaged items can be read in our Terms of Service in the "Loss or Damage" section. Additionally, we allow members to submit inventory sheets if desired in order to help keep track of clothing that is sent in for our service. You can download or submit an inventory sheet here.

Terms of Service?

We do our best to be integrous, responsible, & resonable in our business. Beyond the Terms of Service, if you have any concerns please reach out to us.