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Purchase a Laundry Package below & we'll get a text message to deliver your new laundry bag(s) to your front door.


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Leave your Laundry Bag filled with dirty clothes on your doorstep (or the location of your choice) by 7:30am on pickup day.


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We'll pick-up & wash your dirty laundry and deliver fresh, clean, folded laundry in its place the very next day!
Just Fill Our Bag = No Weighing!

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$137 Monthly ($1.59/lb)

Ideal for college student or retired citizen


$178 Monthly ($1.38/lb)

Perfect for the on-the-go and active couple
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$228 Monthly ($1.33/lb)

Designed for busy families with 1-2 children


$269 Monthly ($1.25/lb)

Best for hustling families w/2+ kids

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 * C&S offers the purchase of a mesh delicates bag for anyone who may prefer certain undergarments not be touched or folded. We understand.

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We "Hang" 4 FREE

In REAL life some clothes are better hung!

Take hanging clothes straight to your closet! Simply send hangers you already own in a separate bag or buy new ones from us below. Just $5 for new hangers for any laundry bag up to 50 lbs.  

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